Thursday, August 31, 2006

The end of summer

I played ball twice this week - it's now "playoffs" and they're attempting to squeeze a couple more games in before the end of the season. Games this week started a half hour earlier than normal - which means an extra busy evening as I rush home, grab clothes and a mit, scarf something down for supper and head back out to fight traffic. They're a half hour earlier than normal because the sun is going down earlier. It's definitley the end of summer, and what passes for fall here is right around the corner.

Summer in Canada is a funny thing - the nights are really light, which makes it perfect for something like ball, as you can play a full game, and then head out for some beverages. If you're really lucky, you might even get to sit on a patio.

However, there are nights like last night. It's August. It's also 6 degrees celcius and spitting rain. There might be a thunder cloud in the distance somewhere. But apparently it's still ball weather. So we play on. And when we're done, we end up going to 3 different pubs before finding somewhere that we can all sit. Apparently everyone with some sense in them has spent the last 2 hours inside, enjoying their beverage, instead of in a wet field, catching balls (and probably a cold).

Welcome to summer in Canada.

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Bastet said...

I'm not sure what 6 celsius would be in fareheight... but I'm not liking the idea of starting out for work with a flannel shirt or very light jacket. The early mornings feel very cool lately, not to mention if you walk to the pubs and forget to bring said jacket or sweatshirt etc and come home late. Same thing..