Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Adventures in Travel

I've been traveling a lot lately - mostly for work, but occasionally a fun trip as well. Because it's been mostly for work, I've been flying by myself a lot lately. I'm the kind of person who likes to settle into their seat, pop in my earphones and open a good book, and hope that the distractions make the journey go a lot faster. I've been constantly amazed by the people who want to chat during the flight - event when it's clearly not wanted or welcome. I mean - if the person you're trying to talk to is not responding, especially if they have earphones on, don't you get the message pretty quickly that they don't want to chat? Or if they appear more interested in the book in front of you than in the conversation, isn't that time to give up?

I'm not sure what the reason behind this recent phenomenon is - flights now have 24 channels of TV or several options of entertainment. What ever the cause, I'm hoping that the next flight, I'll just be left in peace.


Anonymous said...

Oh I do hear you about travelling - I hate to chat to complete strangers on planes and just want to sit in peace and quiet in my own little bubble ... earplugs and eye mask work wonders on longer haul flights LOL.

Susan said...

I'm with you - I don't chat on flights. I remember flying to LA a number of years ago on the way to Australia. I was sat next to a man, and we didn't say a word the whole flight (great!), but when it was time to get off the flight, I said something (I can't recall), and he noticed my accent. He said if he knew he was sitting next to an Australian, he would have talked to me about Australia. I'm glad I didn't need a reason to talk to him earlier in the flight!