Saturday, October 27, 2012

Solar Flare Blog Hop

If you're reading this, I know you're thinking that I haven't posted in a while. Its been a month filled with being out of town and all that entails. But I'm back home and very excited to share new things with you! I joined the "Solar Flare Blog Hop - the challenge was to create a piece of jewelry around this picture:

I loved the pinky-oranges, and set to work creating a set of lampwork beads in a creamy alabaster glass with plenty of rose and apricot glass swirled in. Add to that a couple of darker lampwork beads for contrast, and some matte gold metal beads, and here's the result:

My favourite bit is the gold leather knot:

If you'd like to check out the other work, here's a link to everyone else participating:
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Alenka Obid


Christine S said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Lady Grey said...

I love your lampwork, good job ^.^

Alicia said...

Lovely piece - lampwork is gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

Love the design, beautiful.

paula hisel said...

gorgeous beads!!

Susan said...

Your necklace is gorgeous! Congratulations on a lovely piece of jewelry!