Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm Back :)

I've been rather quiet over the last week or so - I was away, and didn't have a lot of time before I left. I extended a business trip to Montreal and Toronto with a quick stop in Halifax. I have several sets of good friends that live in the area, and they were kind enough to host me for the weekend. I haven't been back for 3 years, and there's been lots going on out there, so I'm glad that everything worked out for the trip!

I landed Saturday night, and was met at the airport by a friend several hours away made the drive down to Halifax to see me. I didn't expect her, as it is a couple hours drive, but it was great to see her and catch up with her again. I love being met at the airport - I have travelled frequently for business and I usually just pile myself into a cab at the end of the journey. It's so nice to be met with a big hug from a friend at the end of a long plane ride.

We joined 2 other sets of friends in Halifax for dinner - these were girlfriends that I lived with during university, and I always love to see them. Dinner was at Mexicali Rosa's - one of my favorite places. We reached the conclusion at dinner that we're getting older, but also getting better - and that was probably reflected in the fact that we were drinking virgin drinks at dinner! A couple of my friends are nursing or pregnant, and the other one was driving, so we've all switched to the low test version!

Sunday, two of my friends were lovely, and took me for brunch down in the Annapolis valley. Hall's Harbour is a fantastic spot for pictures - we joked that I managed to get all of the Nova Scotia tourist items done in one shot! Lobster traps, fishing boats, lighthouses and lupins were the order of the day. It's clearly low tide in the pictures, but it was a nice spot for a couple of snaps. We could see clear over to New Brunswick from the spot, but the haze over the water didn't make for particularly good pictures, so there aren't any.

The rest of the trip was a blur - I met one of my colleagues in Montreal, and we had a crazy couple of days. Travelling for business is never as much fun as vacation. We did manage to sneak in a couple of good meals, and I met most of the people I deal with over the phone, but haven't met in person yet. And now it's over, and I've safely returned home. Oh - and the Hurricanes won the cup. I'm sad to see that the cup won't be on Canadian soil, but I'm very relieved that there won't be any grief from Edmonton fans.


Glenda said...

I know that wharf!

Mexi's is alright. We haven't been back since we discovered Mexico Lindo. I don't think they serve alcohol but the food is great and the fresh squeezed watermelon juice is outstanding!

Christine said...

We Oilers fans certainly are bummed! I wouldn't have given you any grief though. :)