Saturday, June 03, 2006

Progress on Alhambra Garden

I've "re-discovered" cross-stitch lately, and have made quite a bit of progress on the peice. I had to rip out several of the sections of the central square because certain sections were a stitch off, but things seem to be progressing nicely. I received the specialty fibres, the beads and the pattern from lovely, wonderful secret stitcher partners a while back and I really wanted to make progress on the piece because of that.

I also thought I'd share my chain mail kit from last night, plus my progress on the bysantine weave bracelet that I'm working on. The bracelet is going well, and I'd like to get some sterling silver rings to play with eventually (these are stainless steel, meaning they're light, but not especially pretty)


Christine said...

Great progress on Alhambra Garden, Karen! I really like the bracelet you're making, too!

Glenda said...

Great progress on Alhambra. Now I starting to get antsy and get back to mine!

Anonymous said...

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