Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How do I lose a crazy person?

I just got a Christmas card from a real-estate agent. I'd call her my real estate agent, but she never really was, so I guess she's just "a" real-estate agent for the moment.

I was out in the neighbourhood for a walk about 2 years ago, and wandered into an open house. It was a gorgeous house, but was about twice as big as I needed and twice as expensive as I could afford. So the real estate agent that was there offered to show me a few houses in the areas I was looking, at a price range that was more in my budget. Wonderful - I thought.

We went out one night to look at houses. I'd had a nasty day at work - I was in the process of switching employers, and things were going rather badly in the middle of it. But, since I'd made the appointment, I thought I should keep it. We looked at the houses, and then she asked me if I'd like to stop for a drink. I was kinda thinking a glass of wine / cocktail at a lounge so we could chat about what I'd like in a house. (And trust me, as an extremely picky person who's in full control of what is purchased or not purchased, there's a lot a real estate agent should know about what I will be buying, or more precisely, not buying)

We didn't go for a quiet drink... we went to a live music place where I had a drink, and she had many. So many we ended up calling a driving service to get the two of us home. On one hand, I commend her for being responsible and realizing she'd had too much to drink and not driving home, but on the other hand, I'm a bit stunned as to the logic behind getting plastered while your client drinks something not containing alcohol. At least she paid the tab.

She some how hasn't managed to figure out that 2 years later, I don't really want anything to do with her. But today, I got a seasonal card in the mail, with "Hope 2007 Rocks!" written in it in metallic silver pen. I was stunned. I think her chances of getting a commission out of me ended with the last episode. But 2 years later, I still get strange Christmas cards from her.

I'd love to end the relationship completely, but I think I'd have to move or piss her off to do that, but I don't have the energy for either at the moment.


Christine said...

Good grief!! She actually drank so much she couldn't drive you back home?? I don't know what school she went to where they taught that you should get plastered while out with a client.

Do you think you could just write "Moved - Return to Sender" on any future items you get in the mail from her?

Karin said...

Yep, Christine, she drank so much she couldn't drive home.

I didn't think of returning things to sender! That might work next time.