Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Good Friday

I honestly don't know where the week went - it wasn't especially busy, but it went fast! I haven't really stitched much this week, and haven't really got anything that I can show from the torch either. I did finish up one beaded commission completely, and need to get that mailed tomorrow.

There isn't much else new - most of the activities that I have on a regular basis are taking a spring/easter break, and it was nice to just chill for once. I haven't quite decided what I'm doing for spring - I was trying not to over commit myself, but it looks like I'll have two softball leagues, a couple of dance classes and who knows what else, so it looks like I'll be as busy as ever.

It might be the snow in Calgary that's put me in this kind of mood. I read a poll recently that most Canadians are actually not that upset with global warming, especially if it means less winter. It's been snowing on and off all week, and I'd love to see the backside of the snow.

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