Saturday, August 09, 2008

9 weeks until the next hockey season...

But still 15 more days of Olympics.

I realized I'd posted the wrong progress pic on Egyptian Garden, so here is the latest version. I've also got a picture of my two latest bags to raise money for African AIDS relief. Someone else has knitted the bags, but I had been given the bags to "decorate" as the plain bags were a little less than interesting. All of the bags that I've been given have been challenges - slightly off colours, or with lots of colour, like these ones. It's very challenging to pick decorations that enhance the bags without being way too much.


Crazee4books said...

Hi Karin,

Thank you for dropping by my
blog and leaving a comment. It
is lovely to meet you.

I've been browsing through
your blog for the past five
minutes and I'm amazed by all
the wonderful, creative things
that you do. The beading is
so beautiful. Lovely flowers
and buttons.

Your Pyra turned out wonderful!
At first I thought she was a
HAED design. But then I did a
double look, and then clicked
on the picture for a close up
and realized that she's all
beads. Whoa! Magnificent.

And you're working on one of
those unspeakably complicated
but utterly gorgeous Chatelaine
designs. Look at the luscious
blue colours.

I'm afraid that my own crafting
attempts are humble in comparison.
But being able to do something
even a wee bit crafty gives me
a nice feeling of accomplishment
and it's also very relaxing.
Well, except when the frogs come
for a visit. Not so much then.

Those little candy beads in
the shapes of gummy bears are
adorable by the way. I think
I forgot to mention them above.

Hope you'll come and visit again
Karin. But be warned. I tend
to prattle on and on when
leaving comments. :)


Dani - tkdchick said...

Well, no matter which picture you post your Chatelaine is looking lovely!

Please... let's not talk hockey yet. Its too soon!!!!