Sunday, August 03, 2008

How people find my blog....

Thanks for all of the comments on Pyra - I've started to make the glass fringe for the end of the pouch, and should have pictures up shortly.

I also went to the glass studio for the first time in a long time yesterday - mostly to complete the beads for a couple of purses which will be eventually sold to benefit African AIDS relief. They have several people knitting or crocheting purses, but some need a bit of sparkle to add to them, so I've volunteered to "accessorize" some of the purses with beads and stitching.

I'm always amazed at how people find my blog - here are a couple of the recent searches that have directed people here:

- soccer slider beads
- Star Wars beads
- house necklace
- St. Petersburg bead stitch
- The little watchmaker
- Twilight button blog candy


monique said...

I have gotten some odd searches that lead to my blog, too... some are funny!

Barbara said...

I get a lot that have to do with sprained dog tails (our dog had to go to the vet for this about a year ago). How weird, huh?