Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Candy - with a twist!

I have to admit that I love making exchange packages, pay-it-forward gifts and putting together blog candy. There's something about putting together a package in and hearing their reaction to the package that I really enjoy. I used to do quite a few stitching exchanges for this reason, but it seems like the energy has gone out of the exchange boards in the last few years. I've also been inspired by the BJP project as a chance to use colour, try new things and just generally think outside the box when it comes to making new things.

So... here's what I'm proposing. I'm putting together a blog candy package, which will contain at least the skein of Vikki Clayton's "Slate" thread, plus 5 tiny (and unique) buttons, which should fit perfectly in the centre of a biscornu. By the time I put the package in the mail, there might be other goodies in there too. I'll pick someone who comments on this post by the end of tomorrow (Feb 14th) at midnight MST.

Within 3 months of receving the package, the person getting the package agrees to use some (or all) of what's in there to stitch something of their choosing, and then send me (or post) a picture of what you've made from it. You get to keep whatever you make, plus all of the extras in the package.


Kathy A. said...

Oh my - what a wonderful idea for a giveaway Karin. Please add my name to the list -

Jo said...

That's a lovely idea for a giveaway - I'm in!!

Erica said...

What an intersting idea for a giveaway! I could totally get into that - please add me!

Thanks so much!

Stitcher said...

What a great idea, I'd love to join in the fun.