Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pantone Swap Reveal

I've had this prepped up forever, but it never managed to find it's way to the blog until now.  I joined a Pantone swap through one of the Facebook groups I belong in.  The idea was to take inspiration from Pantone's fall colours, and swap with someone else from the group.  It was a very relaxed exchange - you could decide on the number of beads, and whether you wanted to exchange beads for all of the colours, or just a few.  My partner, Maryse, from Luxembourg, and I decided on 3 sets of beads to exchange.  Maryse is also a lampworker, and she had a different style to mine, so I was excited to see what I would receive.

I sent:

- "Ultramarine green" beads with "Olympian blue" highlights
- "French roast" beads with "Olympian blue" and white dots
- "Bright chartreuse" and "Rhapsody" rounds with "Titanium" spacers
 I also sent a set of large holed beads to represent all of the colours in the line-up - French roast, Titanium, Ultramarine green, Bright chartreuse, Olympian blue, Rhapsody, Pink flambe, Rose smoke, Tangerine tango and Honey gold.
 Maryse sent me back a very sweet set of beads in Titanium, Olympian blue and Pink flambe.
 Which got turned into a very awesome set of earrings!
I really enjoyed this exchange, and hope there's one for the Spring / Summer 2013 colours!