Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's cold and snowy....

Winter has finally hit here - we've had such a mild winter this year, except for the part I missed because I was out of the country. It's been snowing for two days, and it's actually cool in my condo tonight, so I guess it must be winter.

Some friends and I went to the ballet tonight - the ballet company here had collaborated with Joni Mitchell to produce a ballet set to her music. It was wonderfully done, and we all really enjoyed it. The choreographer really enjoys showcasing athletic movement, which looks fantastic, but I'm sure requires a lot of strength to dance too.

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Carol said...

Great Karin! I will add you to the PIF - please email me your name and address at carolsutcliffe@comcast so that I know where to send your gift. I hope to get all gifts out within six months :-)