Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sometimes you just need a reminder

I took a walk yesterday, and came across this group of ducks and geese playing in the river near where I live. I took a couple of pictures to remind me of why I live in Canada during the winter. The return of the ducks and geese are a nice reminder that it will also soon be spring here.

I also found that a couple of the beads that I made last weekend go perfectly with the ornament I made this weekend. I hadn't really planned it that way - it just happened that the blues and purples went together perfectly. I need to add a tassle and some cording, to completely finish the ornament, but I'm pretty happy about how it all matches at the moment. (For the record, the beads are sitting on the stainless steel mandrel that was used to make them, and the two clear bits underneath are the ends of glass rods - it wouldn't sit properly otherwise)

From the comment files
Faith Ann asked how long it takes to make each bead. On average, I'd say it takes me between 5 and 20 minutes. The bigger time comsumption is getting beads that look good thought. Bead making is a very fickle hobby at times - the bead can only be so warm or so cold, and what you're putting on the bead needs to be at the right temperature or it doesn't stick and the amount of glass you put into a press to get a pressed bead needs to be just right or the bead doesn't turn out. I'd say I toss at least one out of every 3 beads because it's cracked, or the design is smeared beyond recognition or something else has happened to the bead.


Christine said...

That looks so pretty, Karin!! I love the ornament, too. I signed up to participate in the SAL as well and don't have one ornament to show for it. Maybe I should start a small one today to help cure my case of the blahs.

Sara said...

It does look pretty there. Much better than our ice-covered, half melted snowdrifts here in Indiana! Your ornament turned out very nicely too, I really like the colors. Have fun with the finishing.

Faith Ann said...

Those beads look perfect with your ornament!!

Love the outdoor photos too :)

Wow, I'm amazed that you could make even the simplest bead in 5 minutes! I figured they'd all take at least half an hour.

Sue said...

The beads look great with that ornament. Such talent!

Carolyn said...

Great pictures....I don't mind winer as long as I am not out in it.Can't wait for spring....

Your beads are awesome and look fantastic on your ornament.

Shannon L. said...

Your photos are great - a good reminder of why I love Canada too :)

5 minutes for a bead ? It'd take me 3 days just to get up the nerve LOL You are one very very talented person !

Your ornament looks fabulous, and the beads just top it off. Wow. I didn't even recognize the design ! Congratulations.