Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning, and while I've actually done quite a bit this weekend, there's not a lot I can show.

For progress - I just need to make a couple more beads, and then one commission is done, and I finished the beads for another. It's always nice when things come together like that, and I'm sure that the recipients will enjoy having their finished pieces. I also finished the bottom half of the "Mystery Exchange" over on the Robin's Nest, and started on the top half, but discovered that I mis-counted, so I'll have to start that again. I do need to finish a couple more PIF's, which I'm hoping to do by tonight.

I'm still waiting on a biscornu from the biscornu exchange over at the Robin's Nest. For whatever reason, the mail I sent to the Netherlands got there in a record 5 days, but my incoming mail (which I think is coming from the states) has taken over 3 weeks to get here. Sigh.

I think I'm off to the farmer's market this afternoon - I indulged a bit much this weekend, and feel the need to get some healthy veggies and other good food to make up for it.

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