Monday, March 19, 2007

The weekend was fantastic

I'd forgotten what a treat it is to be surrounded by mountains - they're only a little more than an hour away from here, but like most people from the city, I rarely go up there. Everything in the city is so fast paced that to spend most of the weekend going to the mountains seems like such a large deal.

It was snowing lightly as I headed back yesterday, and the mountains were at their best - the tops covered in cloud, with snow patches highlighting the valleys. I wish I could have stayed for another week.


Shalini said...

Yeah, we live about 1 hour from the mountains but rarely make it over there! And always come back promising to do it more often! LOL!

Susan said...

I live in Illinois, so we're nowhere near any mountains, unless you call the Indiana Dunes "mountains". I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.

The needle & I said...

I wished we lived near the mountains. Thats where I like to go on vacations.