Monday, March 10, 2008

The rest of the weekend

Things are getting easier here - a little time, a little retail therapy, a few cuddles with the other kitty, and a little stash purge are of great comfort.

I purchased a new camera this weekend - I'd been eyeing a Canon Rebel for some time, and Costco had it at a good price. In packing up the old camera, I found the receipt for my old Canon A80 - the Rebel, with lens and carry-bag now costs only $30 more than the A80 did back then.

I also spent a good portion of the weekend going through a good stash purge. I have beads from 15 years ago, in colours I'll never use. There's apparently a craft supply sale that will be happening soon, and the proceeds will be going to help women in Africa. So I packed up a lot of beads (over 60 bags) and organized them all, along with some cross-stitch booklets, supplies and a few other things. I wonder if I can call the beads "vintage" because of their age!

I also shipped off the blog-candy package to Christine. I hate that packages in Canada cost more to ship than those to the US. It rarely costs me more than $2 to ship to the States, but it always seems to cost me more to ship within Canada. I hope Christine gets the package soon, as I really liked the finished product of what I made her.


Barbara said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay. Take care.

Vicki said...

Hello there hun! Thank you for answering the canada questions for us! You can find them here:

if you have any friends in wierd and wonderful countries that might answer the questions for us please let me know!!

Enjoy your week,

Vicki x

Ranae said...

So sorry!! for your loss of Shaely.
It is so hard to lose a pet. I just gave my kitty a great big hug for you.

Lynne said...

I can't wait to see the pictures from your new camera !!

Mel said...

Glad to hear things are getting better for you.
Do you know when and where the supply fair is being held?
I too am in Calgary and would like to attend.

tkdchick said...

Did you get the silver rebel with the two lenses at Costco. I'm loving mine but I'm not using it anywhere near its potential! I need a course!

Faith Ann said...

Ooooh... a new camera!!

I bought a Canon Rebel xTi in February... and I *love* it. I have so much to learn about SLR photography though!

I can't wait to see your pics!