Sunday, March 02, 2008

I have not stitched....

I didn't make all of the February goals, or maybe I just did things differently.

I did finish all of the cross stitching on Alhambra, plus some of the specialty stitching. I didn't finish my Christmas Ornament or the gift, both of which I need to work on this weekend.

It's been a long and tough week. I ended up with over 100 emails on a volunteer situation gone bad. It's tough because I like all of the people involved, but I know they have different viewpoints on what's gone one... I guess I'll have to stay tuned for the result of this one.

March's goals are:
1) Stitch 3 pay it forward gifts (1 from last month and 2 new ones)
2) Finish one Christmas Ornament
3) Finish the top right/centre section of Watergarden.


Vicki said...

I'm loving the jewellery you make, it's so beautiful and unique!

I have some questions about Canada - If I emailed them to you, would you answer a couple? *smile*

Michelle said...

I hope the volunteer situation sorts itself out. Poor you! Big hugs!