Saturday, January 20, 2018

Swap n' Hop Intro - 2018

The lovely host of the Swap n' Hop swap (Linda Anderson) has invited us to prepare a bit of an intro to ourselves, both so she can match us to partners and so our partner can prepare our packages.  Linda's kindly provided some prompts

1. Why or how did you get started in making jewelry?
 The jewelry really came about after I fell in love with beads.  After all, it's super convenient to have something to actually do with the beads.  I fell in love with seed beads after seeing an interpretive guide at a local history park use beads in loom weaving as a kid.  One craft loom and a bunch of small vials of size 11/0's later, I was off to the races.  I would have considered myself a seed-beader throughout most of grade school and early adult hood, but I ran into a woman in my travels who was into (mostly buying) lampwork beads.  Another big light bulb moment occurred - if she was buying them, someone was making them - you could make beads!  Again, one class at a local art college and a trip to a local glass store, and I was off to a different set of races, one that's subsequently included many other classes and hours of torch time.
2011 - Bead Journal Project


Lamp work made by me

2. What style(s) of jewelry do you like to make?
Image result for maverick beads blogspot ca
Yellow, orange and purple.  With glass, ceramic and metal. Not matching.

I create jewelry as a hobby only, so really I like to make things that I will wear (shocking, that).  I like monochromatic and things that match until I don't.  And then I'll combine all the colours and all the materials and all the textures.  I'd consider myself more modern than not, mixing things up to keep life interesting.
White Glass - All matching!

 3. What materials do you prefer to use (and which ones do you avoid)? 
I'd be lying if I said I didn't like sparkly things.  It's the title I use for the blog, and given that I started as a seed beader and continued on to lampwork, glass has played a big part in my jewelry practice.  Anything sparkly is fair game though - crystals also work, as do some gemstones.  I will use most things, but don't naturally reach for most gemstones, wood or plastic unless they are good quality and will enhance whatever I'm working on.

There's plastic in here.
And in here!
Gemstone here
And wood here

4. Which techniques do you prefer (and are there any that you don't like)?
 On the technique side, I like to string, and can do simple wirework - wraps and headpins and links.  I took a proper jewelry making class at an art college, so in theory know how to do more advanced stuff like solder, but my current set up doesn't allow for those techniques.

One of my very favourite pieces - hand made headpins, riveted charms and soldered chain.


5. What colors do you use most, and which do you run screaming from?

I hadn't really thought about this much until the question was asked, but I tend to like strong, clear colours.  Black, white, primaries and secondary colours are my preferred palate.  I will use muted or pastels, but try and mix them up in an unusual way - peach with mauve.  Oh - and I wasn't kidding when I said the charm bracelet above is one of my favourites, even though it's all browns.  I also try and vary the textures and saturation or transparency of beads in a work - perhaps frosted with opaque or metallic with transparent glass.

Some other random trivia: 
-  I share a birthday with Price William
- I used to cross-stich, but haven't had the muse in several years.  I got the sewing and quilting muse several years ago.
- I love to bake, and will quite happily volunteer to make treats for almost any occasion


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