Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally catching up...

I finally feel semi-human again - it's been a heck of a two or three week stretch. It's been really busy at work, and I've been busy with volunteer work. Living next to the greatest outdoor show on earth means that I don't sleep alot. It's too noisy to keep the windows open and too hot not to have the windows open during most of the festival. The combination of not sleeping and being really busy and not eating well left me completely out of sorts by the end of last week, and I finally feel like myself again.

So tonight I did laundry, and cleaned, and threw out spoiled food and a few other things. And I finally got Suzemo's scissor fob packed up and ready to go. I drew names for the fob a while back, and I'd like to run another drawing soon, but I haven't decided whether to do a pendant, scissor fob or something else. If you have an opinion and want to leave me a comment, by all means!

Today's Stitching Blogger Question:

When you get a project professionally framed do you get glass inserted into the frame? Why or why not?

I've had a few things framed - mostly gifts, and I like the look that glass gives the finished piece. To me, not putting glass on things doesn't look right, but hey, thay's me!

Oh - and I realized my mistake on Alhambra Garden - all the green in the steps is now back to the proper shade of purple.


M said...

I'm w/you on the glass. I personally think I'm more concerned about dust than anything else. Ya go through all that trouble, why not protect it?

:o) Happy weekend.

Glenda said...

Oops! I only admired you finished centre. I didn't even notice the odd colour in the paving stones (they don't look like steps to me - shrug).