Friday, July 14, 2006

The strange things that happen

It's Stampede. And there are 2 1/2 days left.

So... I'm at a bar at lunch today (and I'm completely sober) - and in walks one of the gorgeous Anheuser-Bush Clydesdales and a dalmation dog. Into the bar. A real, live clydesdale horse weighing several tonnes - and his dog pal stroll into the middle of the bar.

I should mention that the bar in question is actually a large tent in a parking lot that doubles as a very popular bar, so the tent is slightly more feasable for clydesdale entry than most bars. But it is located in a large downtown core, and there really isn't a good way of getting the horse between where he is normally stationed and this bar without walking (or riding) the horse through about 15 city blocks.


*** Just a quick note *** for anyone thinking of trying the scissor fobs, the plastic coated wire is an important step in the process - fishing line and regular wire won't work, even though the plastic coated wire looks like a combination of the two things. You're looking for either Beadalon or Tigertail to make the fobs.


M said...

What'd they order?!! :o)

tweezle said...

Are you sure you were sober? :-)

Those horses are impressive animals, aren't they?!! I saw them when we went to Busch Gardens and the brewery in VA. They were just gorgeous!!!

Kali said...

Ok when I first started reading this I thought it was a joke LOL! I love the Clydesdales! They had them here in Michigan a few weeks back, they were sooo cool!