Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rant of the Week

I haven't had a good rant on here for a while, so grab a cup of tea and prepare yourself. I've had occasion to witness people lacking so terribly much common sense over the last couple of days, and I don't think I can hold it in any longer.

Rant #1 - I frequent a large Canadian coffee shop - the one named after a hockey player. It sells coffee, tea, and a limited variety of baked goods - and they have pretty much the same baked goods every week. They have bagels, donuts, cookies and a few other things, but really, there aren't a lot of suprises when you show up. There is always a monster line at the one near me - like 30 or 40 people deep. So why, oh, why do people stand in the line, but wait until they are actually at the counter to make up their mind as to what they are going to have? It's not like any of this is a surprise. And it's not like any of this changes drastically from week to week. And the one near me is generally well stocked, so it's not like you have to wait until you get up to the counter to see what they have left. Sigh.....

Rant #2 - I work out at a large fitness facility - pool, gyms, aerobic area - all of the good stuff. Change rooms are double sided - entry to the gyms and aerobics area (and the common area) on one side, entry to the pool on the other side. I'll admit that I'm not all that well versed on gym change rooms, but this seems like a pretty common layout. Knowing that the change rooms are going to be shared among all users of the facility, why do the swimmers choose the change area closest to the gyms? They have to drag their wet bodies, swimsuit and whatever *all* the way through the change room, and then enter what should be the least wet area - the row of lockers closest to the gyms. After they've finished dripping all over the floor (yuck), they usually put their swimsuit and towel on the row of benches (also yuck
). You'd think that common sense would, at some point, prevail, and everyone would clue into the fact that there are lockers closer to the pool.


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Karen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your scissor fobs are really pretty!

I have to say that I rarely see people holding up the line with indecision at our local coffee establishment. If anything, I would have to give the staff credit for getting through the lines so quickly! But like you said, there really is a limited number of things you can get there and well, most should know what they're getting before they even enter the shop. It surely would be frustrating waiting for someone humming and hawing over what type of donut to get this time. LOL