Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stripping Away the Layers

I'm on a weight-loss kick again, which happens every so often, and continues until I get busy with something else. I managed to lose about 10 pounds this spring, thanks mostly to an Irish dance class. The instructor was very good, but also very demanding, and for someone who'd never really even seen Irish dance before (save for a couple of Riverdance showings over 5 years ago), the choreography was tough. Which mean that I actually went! To every class - except the one that I was out of town for. It helped that the class was Monday, and I generally didn't develop other things to do, or have plans that early in the week.

The 10 pounds was put on over the last couple of years, and for most of the pounds, I can remember why they were added to my weight in the first place. At least a couple of the pounds were from the stress of a bad boss, a couple more for a bad job, and a few more beyond that for break-ups and bad relationships. I feel like I'm through most of the crazy stuff - my current job and boss appear to be mostly sane, and I'm in a much better place in my personal life. It's kind of nice to be finally rid of the pounds, as well as the memories associated with them.


M said...

It's always nice to move on ... and then realize that you ACTUALLY HAVE. I congratulate you. :o)

tkdchick said...

I'm on the same kick at the moment. I find the biggest challenge is trying to be active and loose weight when you're stupid busy!