Sunday, November 07, 2010

BJP - August

I am months behind, but catching up. I spent almost no time at home this summer, so am feeling very behind on a number of things, including the project.

This year has been mostly defined by trips, and August was no exception. August was a quick trip to Vegas, where I unthawed, shopped, and ate. Mostly in that order. (The summer here was so awful that it seemed like summer never really began. Wool socks in August is no fun).

I also broke out the size 15's on this piece. I promised myself I wasn't going to do that, especially in seed stich, as it just takes too long. But the prospect of many hundreds of little sparkles was just too much for me to resist, and out they came....

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Cyndi L said...

You really managed to catch the sparkle well in your photo too, something that's really hard to do!