Saturday, May 19, 2007

The reveal - of being stressed out and too busy......

I've been blogging for a while about "something" that I was busy being stressed out and too busy doing, and I thought it was finally time to share, especially as the whole thing is wrapped up and finished.

I was looking at a job overseas, in the UK. A posting came up at work that was too junior, but it got me thinking. It was in a department I'd consider working for, and a city I'd consider living in. And then a posting came up in that department that was at the right level, but only short term. And then a posting came up that was in the same department, but permanent. So I applied.

Moving from here to somewhere not here involves a lot of work. I did this in the late 90's to move to the Caribbean, and it took a lot of work then, and it would still take a lot of work now. Plus there's the added fact that the real-estate market here is one of the hottest anywhere - prices went up 60% last year, and it looks like they'll be up more this year. I'd have to somehow balance a place here with a place there, and it all seemed very complicated.

I'm also keenly aware of the fact that living somewhere is different from being on vacation somewhere. Being on vacation means you get to see the sights, hang out with whomever your with and pay all of the bills when you get home. Living somewhere means that you spend more time at the office, on your commute and at the grocery store, the drycleaners and the drugstore than at some fabulous tourist attraction. I lived in the Caribbean for several years, and made it to the beach about once a month, and it was only 10 minutes away.

It would have been nice to go though - weekends away to different countries, a change of life and a chance to live in a truly big city.

It turns out that everyone came to the right decision in the end - I'd decided to not go at the same time they decided that they'd prefer a local candidate, so I think everyone came to the same decision in the end.


Heather said...

I'm glad things worked out so "serendipitously"...and now next time a job posting comes up, you will have even more of the logistics thought out, if you decide it would work out then.

Carto said...

Hello there :)

I happened to come across your blog when visiting Lelia's blog. My goodness - that was a lot to deal with, as well as having to deal with the daily things life throws along as well. I'm glad you're not stressed anymore.

I looked at your bead photos - they are so beautiful, what an awesome talent you have - absolutely gorgeous :)

Vonna said...

So glad that you decided what was best for you....its hard being in the grind and thinking somewhere else would be better, however in most instances I've found the grass may look greener, but its not always sweeter tasting :)

Anne S said...

It's no wonder you've been stressing - that's a huge decision to take (says she who did the same thing almost 4 years ago, except I actually moved). Your thoughts echoed mine so much - I've lived in Melbourne all this time and barely seen any of it! ;)

Michelle said...

I am so glad that what you decided for yourself matched with what they decided. What a huge decision to make!