Sunday, April 20, 2008

The week(s) that were

It's been really busy lately, and I haven't had time to blog or to post the pictures I've taken. For those that are still reading my blog here's a recap of my life in the last two weeks - more, including bead pictures, soon:

Our team won a hockey game
It snowed.
Our team lost a hockey game
I went to Washington, DC
Our team won a hockey game
I went to Baltimore
Our team lost a hockey game
I returned home
I wrote a Spanish test
Our team lost a hockey game
It snowed some more
I got a cold
I made beads
I cleaned the house
I had the bead people over to my house
I went to the hockey game
Our team won a hockey game

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where I am - Jewellery Class

Here are the two finished items from my jewellery class - the necklace, with pale blue beads, and the small chain necklace with the glass slider. I liked making both of the pieces, although both required a lot of soldering. I'm much more experienced at soldering now, and it's nice to see that the things I wasn't very good at a month or two ago I'm now getting more proficient at.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Moniques PIF arrived

Monique received her beaded needlecase and cell-phone charm yesterday, and I'm glad she likes them. The picture doesn't really do the needlecase justice - it's a bonzai tree, and the background is more gold than green in real life.

The cell phone charm is from a series of beads I did after a class I took last summer. We learned how to do all of the little petals on the flowers, and I love the way that bead turned out.

I'm hoping to have the final two PIF's done this month so I can offer something up for my blog-aversary, which is later in April