Saturday, April 07, 2018

2018 Swap & Hop

It's reveal time for the 2018 Swap n' Hop!  My lovely partner is Jenny Kyrlach, who blogs over at Anafiassa.

Jenny couldn't quite decide what to send, so she sent two packages of beads - one from a green and earthtone mix and one from a red, white and black mix.  Jenny's specialty is her hand-made paper beads, and I was lucky enough to get seven sets of those - in brown, green, grey and white, light red/white, medium red/white and red.  Her handiwork is impressive on those beads - they are so consistent and lovely to use.

I have to admit that my beading mojo was at an all-time low over the last month.  I didn't even torch once, and so completed a couple of things with what I had on hand.  I'll continue to add to the work as I get things completed, so stay tuned for more work.  I did complete two pairs of earrings - one large drop featuring vintage buttons, Jenny's paper beads and some metal beads/  The next pair featured the lovely matte black and transparent red/black glass, plus some German glass from my own collection.