Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finally Back

I didn't disappear totally, although it probably seemed like it. I had a quick business trip to Ontario, which required a lot of pre-work, and it feels like I've been doing that forever!

I received this gorgeous scissor fob from Carol this week as a birthday gift. She's so sweet to even remember that it's my birthday, let alone send something to me as a gift.

And one of my last two pay-it-foward's made it to its final destination. I was playing around with making tassles, and this silver one went to Missy Ann.

I'm making good progress on this summer's exchanges - I have the recipient of my freebie exchange already, and so have almost finished the stitching. I'm still not exactly sure how I want to finish the piece, but if you have suggestions on how to finish something heart shaped, be sure and let me know.


Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karin :-) I wanted to send you the gift because I really enjoy your blog and all that you contribute to the blogging community :-)

Heather said...

Double happy belated!

I LOVE the silver tassel!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! I love the tassel - it reminds me of the ocean.

Faith Ann said...

Happy Birthday!!

Gorgeous tassle :)

I received my blog candy yesterday. Thanks so much... they're even more beautiful in person!

tkdchick said...

Happy Birthday Karin!

Your tassel is gorgeous!