Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A tag

I was tagged by Kirsten, who I'm glad to see is back posting, as she's one of the most true to life writers out there. Kirsten was tagged by Patti, who's blog I also enjoy reading.

Where were you 10 years ago? I was either in Europe, or just about preparing to go. It was World Cup - France 1998, and as a North American, I had no idea that this whole soccer/football thing consumed as many people with as much passion as it did. It was a lot of fun - we'd go to bars at night and watch the football game, and try and talk with the locals. It was a birthday trip, as I celebrated my birthday in a Parisian bistro while drinking Cuban rum and watching the football game.

Five things on your to do list for today.
(1) Finish Spanish homework (sort of complete)
(2) Go to Spanish class (Done)
(3) Make a sandwich for lunch and soup for tomorrow's lunch (Done)
(4) Attempt to appease the cat. Since there is now no second cat in the house, the first cat has decided that the human's only job is to entertain her, and tries to foil my attempt to do anything but. When there was a second cat, the entertainment job was at least split between the other cat and myself, so it wasn't quite as much grief (Done, although not nearly as well as the cat would like)
(5) Mail package (Done)

Snack foods I like.
Peanut Butter.
Ice Cream.
If I'm being good, healthy snacks are snap peas and strawberries

If I were a billionaire.
If I had enough money, I'd get a nice flat in New York, and invite all of my friends to stay. And then figure out what good I could do with the rest of the money.

Places I've lived.
Very few - Calgary, a small town in New Brunswick for school and the Cayman Islands.

People I want to know more about
Glenda , who has one of the most interesting jobs I can think of
Monique, who's got a drool worthy shop on Etsy
Christine who doesn't live all that far away and who I hope to meet someday
Dani who has done some inspiring photography lately
Sara - I love the title of her blog, and hope to hear more from her


monique said...

Thanks for the tag (and the compliment!)... I'll follow through in the next few days.

I *love* what you were doing 10 years ago!

Sara said...

Thanks for the tag and the compliment too! I'll have to think and get this one up:)