Tuesday, August 29, 2006

To answer a couple of questions

I got a couple of questions on my comments last post, and I thought I take a crack at answering some of them.

First - what would I do with a focal like this? I've generally seen them made up into pendants - the size of the bead doesn't really lend itself to smaller things. A lot of people also just collect beads, without really having any intention of doing anything with them.

Second - making focals this size. I have to say that I probably wouldn't have made the focal this size if it wasn't for the class. It's tough to get that much glass to stay warm and to keep it's shape. The studio that I usually use also only keeps the kiln on during classes. The process of slow cooling a bead is called annealing, and it involves heating a kiln up, and then letting the beads and the kiln slowly cool. If you cool a bead too quickly, it breaks. Without being able to put beads directly into a hot kiln, the larger focals would break. There are a couple of other ways of cooling smaller beads, but the kiln method is best for larger beads.

On other topics....

I've been annoyed all day by small things - the mosquito bites on my arm, people taking elevators a single floor, people riding bikes in the dark without lights. Maybe tomorrow will get better.....

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Amy said...

I think you are a truly talented lampworker! I think it's so cool that one of my stitchy "friends" makes beads that I can incorporate in my own beadwork. Can't wait to get the bead I bought from you!