Friday, August 04, 2006

When did adulthood hit?

It's been a tough week at work - lots of not so good stuff going on. I've fortunatley managed to stay out of most of it, but it hasn't left me in the best mood.

All I want to do is have a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and maybe a treat - ice cream would be nice. Oh - and a chick flick - something not too taxing on the brain.

I get a phone call from some friends tonight - they want me to go to the bar. There's a band playing there that I actually quite like, and considering the week I've had, a little alcohol wouldn't hurt either.

But I'm honestly not in the mood - I'm tired, and the prospect of hanging out with in a loud and smoky bar doesn't really thrill me. And it's always just stupid to get a cab at the end of the night - average wait times on a Friday or Saturday night can be at least a couple of hours because the city is so busy.

It struck me as I was trying to decline the invite to the bar that somewhere in the last few years, I became an adult. The prospect of heading to a bar on a Friday or Saturday night used to thrill me. In university, it didn't even have to be Friday or Saturday - any night there was some thing going on was an excuse to get out and party. But not anymore - I've become a fan of quality over quanitity in alcohol, and the prospect of washing smoke out of my hair at the end of the night isn't thrilling either.

So tonight, I'll relish being an adult.


Christine said...

At least Edmonton has the advantage that the bars are all smoke-free now, but I still don't really want to go to one. I think the last time I went was about a year ago for a friend's stagette. I miss going out dancing but it was about 2.5 years ago that the bar lost its appeal to me (once I came back from Mexico). And I'm usually in bed pretty early on Friday nights because I'm just wiped out from the week! (I was in bed at 10 last night.)

That said, I do expect to go out dancing for my friends should know what club I want to go to without me having to say anything, LOL!

M said...

Ah, if only half the people that got into my cab at night thought as much about their night beforehand ... :o)

But hey, job security for me, eh?!

I am amazed, nightly, by how much drinking/bar hopping has changed since I did it when growing up. Want to TRULY become and adult ??? Try being the designated driver for over 50 drunks per night, with the guys hitting on girls walking by and the girls crying in the back seat because of it.

Or taking home the girls from the 'burbs the night after "Fleet Week" when they're crying because the sailor they slept with last night is going back to sea tomorrow and is going home with a different girl tonight. "But he said he LOVED me!"

Ah, the stories. :o)

Happy weekend!

Lelia said...

Dealing with smoke is krappy. If the bars around here were smoke-free I'd frequent them more often.

DH & I used to go out once a week. With my allergies, I'd suffer for a day or two afterwards. It just wasn't worth it for me.

I still enjoy the live music, just try to attend the outdoor variety.