Friday, September 22, 2006

More than I bargained for

It turns out that the local Canadian affiliate accidentally aired the wrong episode of Grey's Anatomy last night - we got week two here in addition to week one. The minor gaffe was all over the news this morning, and a couple of people were quite upset about it. I'm quite surprised at the reaction the whole thing is getting - I mean it's only 7 days in advance, and there wasn't a huge amount of shocking stuff in the second episode. (Or maybe there was - I guess it depends on your perspective)

At any rate - it's Friday! I'm so glad the week is done!


Sharon said...

Wow,I can't believe they were upset. I was ready for the next episode as soon as the first was over. Getting it seven days in advance was like!

M said...

No kidding. It's a bonus! I'd be raffling off teases to half the known world just cuz I DID know!!