Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The greatful reminder

Today was one of those days when you remind yourself how lucky you are - even if everything isn't perfect, or not everything is the way you want it. I am so greatful for good friends, a sane family, an interesting job, and a life I like.

I got good news today - and hopefully there's more to come. (This would be in relation to the thing I can't yet talk about). In the middle of it came the realization that my life is still good even if it stays the way it is.


Susan said...

I hear ya! Continuing to send positive vibes your way!

Carol said...

Congratulations :-)

Michelle said...

To be grateful for the wondrous life we have exactly the way it is, is amazing. To be open to it changing, and being grateful for that is, shall we say, priceless. Big hugs!