Monday, March 12, 2007

It was 64 degrees this afternoon, and now it's snowing....

The city that I live in has the strangest weather. Honestly - event the weather forecasters have a hard time with the city. It was 64 degrees (or 18 degrees, if you're Canadian) this afternoon - a bright sunny day, no clouds, just like March is supposed to be.

5 hours later, it's now snowing. Granted, it's a spring snow - wet, thick and coming down in clumps. But it's still snowing. I want it to be real spring - the kind that involves flowers and not snow.

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Michelle said...

I know what you mean. We have the craziest weather here in Texas just messes with your mind. You go out in short sleeves and then by the afternoon, you need a heavy coat. I'll be sending you an email about your beads...look for it! Sending you big hugs too for whatever is going on in your life right now.