Friday, June 30, 2006

The week that was.....

I know I haven't blogged in several days, but it's been a crazy kinda week. I volunteer, and it's definitley that time of year. I took yesterday off work to go down and help out, and it likely won't get any slower than this. Don't get me wrong - I love everything about the Stampede - I actually like western wear, country music, and mini-donuts. But it is kinda full-on for 10 days, (which in my world, gets expanded into about 3 weeks!)

It was Friday before a long weekend at work, and I wasn't perhaps the most focused person ever today. I ended up reading a lot of news - or other items as they interested me. It might have been because there was so much weird news today. I mean, who manages to knock a chandelier over while shaving? Or tries to shoo birds away from a space craft

I haven't taken pictures of anything recently - I do have a Watergarden update, as well as some new beads, but I've been lazy, and the camera has stayed put. I did see a couple of movies this week - Balseros, about a group of Cuban rafters trying to make it to the US - very well done, and it made me appreciate my life so much more. I also got Love Actually, which I'd seen before, but was the kind of movie I needed this week - just sweet and lovely.

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Christine said...

Love Actually is one of my favourite movies. I can watch it over and over! My other "comfort" movie is 10 Things I Hate About You...looks like a cheesy teenager movie but I love it. (It's based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.)

I can completely relate to not being very focused at work today. I was very anxious to get the long weekend started!