Thursday, July 19, 2007

I actually stitched!

It's been a long time since I stitched, and actually got a few stitches in tonight. Of course, it was only half an hour, so I have next to nothing to show, but it still feels good to get the stitches in.

In other news, I got my first ever "out" in softball last night! I actually caught a pop-ed up foul getting the player out. Keep in mind that I've been playing soft ball regularly for the last 5 years (the last two years have been twice a week), so it's nice to get some indication that I might just be getting better.

I also did sign up for the jewelery course in the fall. Apparently there's just an interview that you have to qualify for the course. And there's no portfolio requirement. I could put together some work, but can't justify the cost of getting it professionally photographed for inclusion in a real portfolio, which is the real stumbling block. I'm suspecting that the interview is just to make sure that people understand the work requirements in the course, as it is a credit course at the college.

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Carol said...

Congratulations on your out!!! Very cool!

Jamie said...

I'd love some blog candy!

Congrats on your out and thank you for your thoughts and words on my blog. I truly can't thank everyone enough for their support. It means so much.

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations on a great play and I'm looking forward to seeing a picture to your stitching progress!

tkdchick said...

glad you are moving forward with your course!!