Thursday, July 06, 2006

And so it begins.....

Welcome to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. The first set of fireworks have just started to go off, and there will be many more in the 10 days to come

Today marks the unofficial start to the Calgary Stampede - tomorrow is the big parade and the official start to the Stampede. I actually have tomorrow off work because fighting a quarter million people to get to work is apparently considered cruel and unusual punishment, and well, making employees show up to work on Friday afternoon only is also apparently considered cruel and unusual as well.

The next 10 days mark some of fashion highlights and lowlights of the year. Last year (and I kid you not) - the highlight had to have been a full Stormtrouper costume at 7am. I was waiting at the train platform, and a gentleman got off with with a complete costume. I figured it must have been custom made, because it fit too perfectly not to have been. The lowlights - well.... there were many - tutus, fishnets, and other unmentionables. One of my co-workers commented that it's Mardi Gras with a western theme.

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Christine said...

Yay for you not having to go to work tomorrow! I hope you enjoy Stampede...I really need to head down there again. It's been a few years since I've gone. Klondike Days...excuse me, Capital EX (lame-o name change)...just doesn't compare, even though it's the same midway. We don't get Nashville North here!