Sunday, July 30, 2006

The week that was..

It's been quite a week - I played softball twice this week, and the Monday night game was eventful, if nothing else. I'm playing with people I don't really know all that well on Mondays, and so it's a little harder to use the powers of moral persuasion to convince them to do things.

At any rate, there was a disputed call during the 3rd inning. The opposing team's third base thought he heard a call one way, and got very upset when everyone else thought the opposite. He stormed off the field, but not before he threw the softball *at* our player and towards the bench.

I like to play sports - it gets me out of the house and acts as a distraction from the twenty other things that are either blowing up or out of my control. But I never understand why some people take life so seriously. Is a bad call in one inning of a rec ball game going to so drastically affect your life that you feel the need to throw things at other people? Give me a break - it's freaking *rec* ball - as far as I know, rec leagues have never created world peace, fed starving people or created a ceasefire in a country where there is strife. So why stress yourself out about it.


In other news, the media in Canada has been filled with reports of how badly stranded citizens in Lebanon are being treated. One person even complained that they didn't have a pillow to use at the embassy when they showed up to be rescued.

I'm not totally sure what to make of this one - I don't think I want to pay for the kind of "stand-by" facilities that some are suggesting that the Canadian government should have had in place. To move potentially tens of thousands of people out of a country in war conditions in a day or two would require a large contingent of infrastructure, and I'm just not sure that it's something I want tax money spent on. And I've spent plenty of time travelling, and sometimes I have to wait, and sometimes the facilities aren't to my liking. I've spent several hours asleep on various airport floors, and while it isn't my preference, I know that it's all part of travelling. And what ever people went through in Lebanon, it's all part of being rescued.

That, and I think there's a huge difference between rescuing the "residents" of your country and rescuing the "citizens" of your country. It's not unusual to have citizenship in two or three countries these days, and Canada's never been opposed to having people with dual citizenship. However, if you're going to want to to be rescued out of your place of ordinary residence by any or all of the countries that you have citizensip in - well.... that one might require a re-think.

The SBQ (that I have't got around to answering) this week was:

Many of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have a “collection”. How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

My scissor collection is below, and of course, most of them have sparklie fobs attached. The blue one is a fob from ages ago - the middle bead is soapstone, and I don't even know what the rest are. But it's on my usual pair of scissors, and it's the one I usually reach for. The bottom pair of scissors has a "scissor bracelet" on it - mostly comprised of early versions of my beads. I like the bracelet, and the attached cap for the scissors, and it's always neat to look back on something and realize how far you've come. The other two pairs have my lampworked beads on them as well - with various combinations of crystals and bali silver.

I've also decided to try and up my "Random Acts of Kindness" to once a week - it might be something small, and it might not be for someone on the internet, but I thought it would be a good thing to remember to do something nice for someone else at least once a week. I'll be sending a package out this week, but as a teaser, I thought I'd offer this:


Christine said...

Ooooo, that looks pretty, Karin!! You have a lovely collection of scissors and fobs, too.

WhizGidget said...

Ooooo. That's *VERY* pretty!

Michelle said...

I love your scissor fobs and your beads are delightful and gorgeous! Thanks so much for checking in on my blog. I too, love sparkly things!

M said...

I love how you put those tiny little flowers into your beautiful beads!! I'm so jealous. You have some mighty talent there.