Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Sunday Night Files

First up this evening - the scissor fob. I drew names out of a little bowl, and Suz is the fob winner! I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments in the last week, and hope to do offer up something else in the near future.

In other news, could someone please explain to me what would posess a mother to take a *newborn* to a large fair? I'm not talking about a several month old baby - the two very tiny babies I saw today were likely under a week, and one woman admitted that her baby was only 5 days old! I should mention that Stampede today was terribly hot today, and certainly hot enough that I was damp and needed a drink by the time I walked across the grounds. It defintitley wasn't small child weather, and certainly not small baby weather. And it's not like a fair would be the best place to be at the best of times - it's crowded and busy and a lot of other things that (IMHO) aren't really 5-day old newborn material.

I shouldn't be surprised really - people do things at Stampede that they would never get away with at any other time of year. Last year, I was on my way home from the park and noticed that enterprising young neighbours decided to have a rock concert on the top of a large delivery truck - in their front garden! It was, at the very least, a novel approach to marketing their band.


Suz said...

YAY me!

You know, we're taking another family trip to Costa Rica. Not to a city, but to a backwoods area with few amenities, no pavement, and fun things like poisonous snakes and malaria. The cousins are bringing their babies.

I don't know what gets into people.

Jenn said...

At least she didn't leave the kid somewhere... front page stories the last couple days have been about a woman here who left her 6 year old at the "Lost Parents" booth at the Taste of Chicago... intentionally. Dropped him off the first day, said "stay here, I'll be back", and never returned.

M said...

What possesses people to do MANY of the things they do w/their children. I used to work after hrs pediatrics RN and (I KID YOU NOT) one lady had named daughter - make sure you're sitting for this one - Amiracle Amuneek Prettee Glamerus.

That poor child!! One doc and I used to have contests for baby names. I got "Kris10" (kristin w/the #'s instead of letters) but he beat me with twins of a 15 yr old mother ...ready ??!!!

Lemonjello and Orangejello.

No sh*t.

lu-mon-juh-lo and oron-juh-lo.

Explain those to me!

And on a stupid human story - didja read in the news about the mom that forgot to drop her newborn at the sitters? Didn't realize until AFTER work and back at the sitters. Poor child was in the car all day - 85 degrees. I just wanna slap people sometimes.

Patti said...

Karin, your beading work is lovely and the fob you gave away is just gorgeous!

Lelia said...

Karin: your scissor fob was wonderful -- lucky Suz!

I love going to the local fair - (not sure why tiny babies would be there)