Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The scissor fob question....

I forgot what an all encompasing event stampede is - I'm dead tired - to the point where everything is just generally sore and my body is cranky with me.

So I thought I'd stick with an easy one tonight - Lelia asked how scissor fobs are strung.

You'll need plastic coated jewellery wire, a couple of metal crimp beads to make up an actual fob - plus a tassle (or charm) for one end, some beads for the middle, and a lobster claw clasp for the other. Any large crafty store sells the wire, crimps and clasps - the wire is generally known as tigertail or beadalon. The instructions to string the whole thing together are here - you have to pretend that the little tag thingie in the diagram is actually a tassle, but I'm sure that the idea is there.

You want something that looks like [clasp][crimp][beadsbeadsbeadsbeadsbeads][crimp][tassletassletassle] at the end of it all. The picture several posts down gives a better idea - the little silver metal beads on the very outside of the glass beads are the crimp beads.

Hope this helps,


tkdchick said...

Excellent instructons that's how I make them!

tweezle said...

Thanks so much for the instructions. I've been thinking about making my own, and now will need to sit down and do it.

Lelia said...

oooh ... thanks a million!!! I've had my beads out for the past couple of days. I'm working on a couple of embellished buttons - made into pins. I love to make them & enjoy messing with the colors.

I have lobster claws already & some larger beads to mix with smaller stuff. I think your instructions are clear enough. Maybe just need the crimp thingies. You are the sweetest peach for sharing :D