Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The beer can chicken holder

I picked up my big-box flyer from the mailbox today, and noticed that they were selling holders to do a beer can chicken on. It's apparently close to summer in Canada, and therefore BBQ season, and I guess there's then a need for the holders.

From the flyer, beer can chicken holders are apparently sold in packs of two. To be honest, I've only had beer can chicken once, and I didn't make it - it was at a friends BBQ. It was lovely - the beer steams the chicken, and makes it moist - but I'm still at a loss for why one needs a pack of two of the things. I guess I'll just have to wonder about some things....


Suz said...

We call them "beer butt chicken cookers"

I have two... and like you, I don't know why, because we only cook one at a time.

And if you like the way it comes out with beer - try some wines - most excellent.

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