Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wow - what a week!

It's been a long week - and I have absolutely no idea where it went! I take a couple of different dance classes, and this has been the first week in several weeks that I have been able to go to all of them. I forgot what trying to schedule all three in was like.

It was also the last week that the Flames will be in the playoffs. I am sad, as it would have been nice to repeat the 2004 Stanley Cup run, but on the other hand, I kind of appreciate the break between the end of hockey and the start of Stampede. I live near the Stampede grounds, and it's was a bit full on when one ran into the other - it meant I didn't get a lot of sleep, as the noise around my place was a little much to keep me up.


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Christine said...

Too bad we didn't get to see the Battle of Alberta, Karin! It's been a few years since I've been to Stampede but I remember having a lot of fun.

What kind of dancing do you do?