Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Welcome to Tuesday

It's Tuesday here, and the day after the Victoria Day long weekend. I didn't really do much over the weekend, but I did managed to get some torch time in, so I thought I'd share another picture with everyone. They're a lentil (flat round) shape, and some of the beads look a little wonky in the picture, but they're all the same shape in real life.

The Zoo was fantastic, but very busy! Wow! The line up when we left stretched out at least half a kilometer from the front gates, so I'm glad that we got there early. Most of the animals decided to take an afternoon nap (and who can blame them) so there wasn't a lot going on when we got there.


Christine said...

Wow, Karin, those beads are lovely!! I really like the shades of blue and green that you used!

Where did you go cruising this year?

Suz said...

Those colors are gorgeous! Congrats on a job well done.