Saturday, May 20, 2006

DaVinci Code and the week that was

I managed to get into a sneak peek of DaVinci Code on Thursday. Before I'd even got in, the theatre people confiscated my cell phone for the duration of the movie because it has a small (and not very good) camera attached to it. I know it was before the *official* release, but somehow I suspect that the still pictures taken on a poor quality camera without flash would have been less than useful. But it was easier to have them hold on to the phone so I could see the movie.

The rest of the week was busy! I had a cooking class this week, which I'd had scheduled for ages, and it finally came about. I learned quite a few things, and the food was excellent. Besides, any class that starts with "Do you want both red and white wine?" has to be pretty good! I discovered that I like tilapia fish, especially with the fruit salsa that they have the fish with. Another great weeknight dinner!

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