Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Updates

It seems like I've designated Sunday as my update day, and here are the two from this week. I restarted "Le Epoque Noveau" from Dimples Designs. I was not happy with how the old version was turning out, and figured that since I was spening that much time with it, it was better to be happy with the finished product. This is going to be *so* sparkly - there's a ton of beads to go on, and most of the unstitched space will have beads cover it eventually.

The other update is Pyra - I love how she's coming out. She's going to be really sparkly as well.

I went to my LNS this weekend to pick up the extra bits for exchanges that I'm working on. I'm currently in the biscornu exchange at the Robin's Nest, the mystery exchange at the Robin's Nest and the Mystery Exchange at the Rotation Stitchers BB.

I haven't really done that much else this weekend - it's a long holiday weekend here, and I fully intend on doing as little as possible! I was feeling poorly last week, and am trying to get better fast. We're having some coverage issues at work, and I can't really get time off at the moment, so I'm trying to look after myself.


Christine said...

Pyra is really coming along! She looks great. Nice start on the Dimples Design, too!

tkdchick said...

Pyra is just fantastic!

You have a great start on Epoch! I've got that one in my stash as well. I've seen this one completed and its just stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, both pieces looks great.

tweezle said...

Beautiful work as always, Karin!! Both look fantastic.

BTW - could you please email me? I have a question about your beads.

jnbsmom at yahoo dot com

Michelle said...

Both pieces look fantastic. I just can't get enough of sparkly!