Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The week in review....

A couple of things have happened in the last week that I thought worthy of mention here, and today seemed like a good day to do it.

- Harry Potter VII is out on pre-order. The lovely people at Amazon sent me two emails to let me know. I am excited - it's been a fantastic series so far, and I'm excited (and a bit sad) to see the end of the series. I discovered the first book 5 years ago on a flight to Vegas - it was so good that I couldn't put the book down, and picked up the next book for the return flight home. I suspect that I won't pre-order through an on-line source this time, as you had to pay for guaranteed shipping on the day of the release for book 6. There were several places around town with boxes of the book on the first day, and so I'll probably just pick one up when it gets released.

- The hockey game. I was so distracted by expense report woman at the hockey game that I forgot to write anything about the game itself. I honestly think it was one of the best games that I've been to - the first 2 goals were only 15 seconds apart (both for our team), the third goal was disallowed, the other team got 2 goals, we got 4 more goals and then a goal that didn't count. Oh - and 4 or 5 guys got thrown out of the game for fighting. How much better can hockey get - an 8 goal game, couple of contraversial calls and some fights. It was a marvelous game.

- Sunday Dinner - I went out to dinner with a friend on Sunday, and it was lovely. I'm sure it was heretic somewhere to go to dinner on Superbowl Sunday, but it was the only day the two of us could get together, and I wanted to catch up with him while he was in town. I paid the bill, and I realized that I've been calculating tip wrong for the last 6 months! Our Goods and Services Tax decreased from 7 to 6 percent in July, and I'd been so used to just doubling the GST to arrive at 14% that it hadn't occurred to me that the double of 6% is now only 12%. Fortunatley I added a bit more to the bill, but I'll have to remember to add a bit more when I tip from now on.


Michelle said...

Gee. And I went ahead and ordered Harry Potter already. *sigh* :o)

I didn't watch the superbowl, although I did listen to it while I was driving. I came home and fast forwarded throught the whole thing just to watch the commercials and the 1/2 time show w/Prince.

*shrug* Meh.

bunnyhead said...

I can't wait for HP7 myself. I read the sixth on the first day it was out--- all 800 bazillion pages of it!